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Creative Arts Club May 2015 Half Term

Half term Surrealism week with Notting Hill’s Creative Arts Club

Following their February half-term workshop, the Notting Hill-based Creative Arts Club will be running another special event this month for May half-term.

This time round, half-term week will be dedicated to surrealism – a world of magic and mystery. With a little help from Dada and Dali, the Creative Arts Club will help budding young artists hop down the rabbit hole to escape into the unknown and the unknowable.

There will be no limit to the exploration of the imagination taking place during the workshop. For example, children will be asked to bring in photos of themselves that will be used to piece together with cutouts, creating wild and wacky photomontages that are also juxtaposed with surrealist objects. Likewise, as the Surrealists were obsessed with dreams, children will be asked to write and illustrate dream diaries at the start of each day.

Creative Arts Club May 2015 Half Term

This half-term workshop is aimed at kids from 4 to 7 years old, and costs £225 for the full week or £45 per day (all materials included). Morning sessions have already been fully booked up, but there are still spaces available for the afternoon sessions (1pm to 4pm each day). Drop off and pick up is in Notting Hill each day.

For more details of the workshop, or to book, please see You can also contact The Creative Arts Club by emailing or calling 020 7205 2621.

The Creative Arts Club will also be running plenty of week-long workshops during the summer holidays, so do also check out details of these on their website!

The Creative Arts Club Half Term Surrealism Week
Monday 25th – Friday 29th May 2015

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