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Hello there! Thanks for visiting this site. I am Anna Zgorelec, and I own, run and maintain this website – and have been doing so since 1999!

I have a long association with the Notting Hill area. My early years (4-7) were spent at Pembridge Hall School just behind Notting Hill Gate and my early teenage years were spent at Whiteley’s in Bayswater (not all the time, obviously, I mean I did go to school and stuff…) where you will always encounter bunches of teenagers hanging around. (Don’t worry though, they’re not that scary.)

I actually run four other websites: The Guide to Kensington and Chelsea which is just as the title suggests, Visit Croatia, a guide to the beautiful country of Croatia – I created the former because I’ve lived in that area for practically all my life; I do the latter because I am of Croatian origin and am trying to promote the country and provide information about it. I created this site that you are reading right now because I know a good thing when I see one and want other people to enjoy it too; it is purely a coincidence that some little heard of film had come out at the same time. My other two websites are London Budget and Miami Bound.

A new little project that I’ve been working on is promoting handicrafts of the Mayan people of Guatemala – in particular the wonderful recycled bags they make. More details about this and to see the beautiful bags at Mayan Bags.

If you have any comments, please email me!

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