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I’ve written in the past about the wonderful SPID Theatre Company, the award-winning youth organisation that specialises in site-specific and promenade work. Their most recent local project, Kensal Voices, centred around Kensal House on Ladbroke Grove; this intergenerational heritage work marked the fascinating history of this Grade II* listed local landmark, whilst also helping the project’s young participants gain professional and creative skills.

Trellick Tales - Trellick Tower

The SPID Theatre Company now turns its attention to another local landmark with an intriguing history – none other than the Trellick Tower. The year-long project Trellick Tales will celebrate the tower, its residents and their history through free weekly drama and heritage sessions for 13-25 year olds, as well as regular showings and performances – the first of which are on 26th September (1pm and 3pm).

Trellick Tales is also being supported by funding from The Clore Duffield Foundation in association with the Oral History Society and K2K, who are based at South Kilburn Studios, as well as being supported by the V&A.

Furthermore, the BBC have been attending the SPID Theatre Company’s workshops to collect footage and interview the participants for a documentary that will be part of their Inside Out London programme.

Trellick Tales

The young participants of Trellick Tales have been attending workshops run by the Oral History Society which has helped them develop interview and recording techniques. In turn, they’ve used these new skills to collected oral history testimonies from some of the older residents of the Trellick Tower about past estate life. These testimonies have been written into scripts to be transformed into short performances exploring the stories of the estate.

Trellick Tales

If you’d like to attend one of the free, short promenade performances taking place on 26th September, please contact the SPID Theatre Company to reserve a slot. You can do so on 07903 861674 or by emailing youth@spidtheatre.com leaving your name, phone number and which performance (1pm or 3pm) you would like to attend.

For more on the SPID Theatre Company and its work, please see www.spidtheatre.com or look them up on Twitter.

Trellick Tales – Promenade Performance
1pm & 3pm, Saturday 26th September 2015
Trellick Tower
5 Golborne Road
W10 5PL


Taking place every three months, the next instalment of the W10 Games will be held on Saturday 6th June – bringing together individuals and teams made up of local residents and businesses in a fun fitness event!

This community focused initiative pitches teams against each other in a series of fitness challenges that include different elements of strength, endurance, skill and mental staying power. Each coach leads their team through a series of rowing relays, squatting and skiing challenges, as well as burpees and the dreaded Airdyne thrown in too.

Attendees have varying fitness levels, so the W10 Games aren’t just about pitching the best athletes against each other – but rather, the event is designed to be challenging and to provide everyone with a focused and slightly competitive fitness outlet.


This free event is now open for registration, and it’s a great opportunity for a great workout in an unbeatable atmosphere. Whether you’re a regular gym goer, part of a running group or want to get together with some colleagues for some team building, think about signing up!

Above all, however, the W10 Games are designed to be fun and to bring the W10 community together, so there’s a chance for a bit of socialising afterwards too.

For more information or to reserve a place, please email info@w10performance.com or call 020 3489 5428.

W10 Games
12pm – 3pm, Saturday 6th June 2015
W10 Performance Gym
202 – 208 Kensal Road
W10 5BN

The Notting Hill Orchestra and Choir for film music is seeking applications for all musicians and vocalists.

They welcome professional and non-professional musicians, with all ages accepted. Weekly rehearsals will be in the form of a workshop guided by professional musicians.

The Orchestra’s repertoire will include film music as well as a classical repertoire and amateurs will have the opportunity to play alongside professional musicians.

Concerts are organised at the end of every season in the Notting Hill area. There are two upcoming concerts at the end of this year, on 12th and 13th December.

Rehearsals take place every Saturday from 6.30-9pm at St Georges Church, Notting Hill. Do join!

If you’d like to join the Notting Hill Orchestra, please send a CV to nottinghillorchestra@outlook.com or contact them on 0779 143 9921.

For further information on the Orchestra, please see nottinghillorchestra.wix.com/nhoc.

This weekend (Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September 2014), the wonderful Open House London sees many fascinating buildings across London opening up their doors, allowing visitors a peek at spaces, areas and more that would normally be closed to the public.

St John's Church Notting Hill

Joining in, on Saturday 20th September, is St John’s Church in Notting Hill. From 12pm to 5pm, the Church will be welcoming visitors through its doors and opening up two spaces in the church that have never been made available to the public before.

The church’s organ recently underwent a complete restoration, and this Saturday visitors will be able to actually go inside the instrument and see all 2,398 pipes up close as well as taking a look all of the complex mechanisms inside…and hear it being played from the inside! The organ builder that worked on the job will be present to talk visitors through the organ and its restoration, as well as answering any questions visitors may have.

The disused church bell tower will also be opened up this Saturday, allowing visitors a chance to climb to the top and see the 150 year old bell and clock mechanism as well as taking in the wonderful panoramic views of West London. As the bell tower has been closed for a number of decades now, this is definitely a fantastic opportunity to visit a normally closed space as well as taking in a view of the local area that’s now rarely seen. The bell will also be tolled whilst visitors are in the belltower!

More details of St John’s Church participation in Open House London can be found here – www.stjohnsorganproject.com/open-house-london.html – including some ‘preview’ pictures of both the organ and the belltower.

Open House London at St John’s Church Notting Hill
12pm – 5pm, Saturday 20th September 2014
St John’s Church
Lansdowne Crescent
W11 2NN