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Join the W10 Games for a fun and challenging fitness afternoon

Taking place every three months, the next instalment of the W10 Games will be held on Saturday 6th June – bringing together individuals and teams made up of local residents and businesses in a fun fitness event!

This community focused initiative pitches teams against each other in a series of fitness challenges that include different elements of strength, endurance, skill and mental staying power. Each coach leads their team through a series of rowing relays, squatting and skiing challenges, as well as burpees and the dreaded Airdyne thrown in too.

Attendees have varying fitness levels, so the W10 Games aren’t just about pitching the best athletes against each other – but rather, the event is designed to be challenging and to provide everyone with a focused and slightly competitive fitness outlet.


This free event is now open for registration, and it’s a great opportunity for a great workout in an unbeatable atmosphere. Whether you’re a regular gym goer, part of a running group or want to get together with some colleagues for some team building, think about signing up!

Above all, however, the W10 Games are designed to be fun and to bring the W10 community together, so there’s a chance for a bit of socialising afterwards too.

For more information or to reserve a place, please email or call 020 3489 5428.

W10 Games
12pm – 3pm, Saturday 6th June 2015
W10 Performance Gym
202 – 208 Kensal Road
W10 5BN

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