The old Blue Door – back when it was blue and
digital cameras hadn’t been invented yet (June 1999)
(See more photos from that time at Notting Hill – Photos)

Over the weekend, the New York Times had a report on a phenomenon that’s often found in the U.S. but has yet to make it over here – until now. Whilst this rather vague description may cover a whole manner of things, I’m actually talking about celebrity tours. Usually run as bus tours of celebrity houses in America (specifically, Hollywood), the London versions are ever-so-slightly more healthy and eco-friendly, conducted as they are on foot.

The New York Times article mentions in particular a walk of Notting Hill, run by a company called Celebrity Planet. The walk takes in a number of sights in the area – from celebrities’ house, to locations in the film Notting Hill, to the rather cool (where Pink Floyd first played), to the rather not-so-cool (a charity shop Victoria Beckham once visited?!).

In all seriousness, it’s a great way of seeing this part of London. The whole city is great for ambling around (with something interesting almost around every corner) so if a celebrity tour is your kind of thing, take a look!

Of course, you could take a look at our very own Notting Hill website for a number of interesting tidbits and photos of famous scenes from the area – all from the comfort of your own home, or for preparation for a walk of your own. (And all the information has been up on our website for 10 years now!)

Article: Star Tours…of London? (26th October 2009, The New York Times)

If you’re in the Notting Hill area anytime soon, and spot some jokes just sort of lying around, be aware – they may belong to Harry Enfield. And he’d like them back.

A laptop belonging to comedian Harry Enfield, containing material for his show with fellow comic Paul Whitehouse, was recently stolen from a car in Notting Hill.

The thieves subsequently contacted Enfield and demanded a ransom of £750 to return the computer. That’s a rather paltry sum, no? Perhaps the they read the material and decided that’s all it was worth. Thieves can be such harsh critics. Although perhaps we should just assume the material was at a “very early stage” and not yet properly developed.

Enfield has refused to pay the ransom and is instead working with the police. Quite right too. But if you should happen to see the jokes lying around, have a heart and please return them to Mr Enfield. Otherwise, we may not get any more episodes of the stunningly funny Harry & Paul show…

I kept seeing photos last week of Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham, of course, but everyone still calls her Posh, so let’s stick with that) on a giant swing, suspended over the front steps of a fancy looking house for a fashion shoot for her own design label. (I think! My eyes sort of glazed over at the mention of “Victoria Beckham” and “fashion label” in the same sentence.)

Anyway, turns out that Mrs Posh and the models in the fashion shoot were swinging out over the front porches of houses in Notting Hill.

Which got me to thinking…not about Notting Hill and its nice houses…but about swings! Wouldn’t it be great if we all had these giant swings at the main entrance to our flats and houses? Though the distraction they would probably make it quite difficult to go to work…or go out to the supermarket…or do anything, really…

Article: Victoria Beckham frocks into town and show’s she’s a swinger (24th July 2009, The Evening Standard)

Ever wondered quite a swish celebrity pad in Notting Hill looks like? Well, here’s your chance. Model Elle Macpherson’s house is currently on the market, at an asking price of £7.5 million – got any spare change, dear readers? The poor supermodel has suffered a fate similar to many vendors in the Notting Hill area in recent times, and had to reduce the asking price of the house by a rather hefty £2 million since it was first put on the market last summer.

The luxurious 5,465 square foot (508 square metres) pad, spread over seven floors, has six bedrooms; seven bathrooms; a drawing room and a TV room; a study AND and office (I guess Elle must work extra hard to need both); a dining room AND a dining area (well, one does need lots of space to entertain), and a garden as well as a separate terrace. No evidence of a lift, though: perhaps that’s how Elle keeps so trim, running up and down the seven floors in her house.