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Celebrity Tours in Notting Hill

The old Blue Door – back when it was blue and
digital cameras hadn’t been invented yet (June 1999)
(See more photos from that time at Notting Hill – Photos)

Over the weekend, the New York Times had a report on a phenomenon that’s often found in the U.S. but has yet to make it over here – until now. Whilst this rather vague description may cover a whole manner of things, I’m actually talking about celebrity tours. Usually run as bus tours of celebrity houses in America (specifically, Hollywood), the London versions are ever-so-slightly more healthy and eco-friendly, conducted as they are on foot.

The New York Times article mentions in particular a walk of Notting Hill, run by a company called Celebrity Planet. The walk takes in a number of sights in the area – from celebrities’ house, to locations in the film Notting Hill, to the rather cool (where Pink Floyd first played), to the rather not-so-cool (a charity shop Victoria Beckham once visited?!).

In all seriousness, it’s a great way of seeing this part of London. The whole city is great for ambling around (with something interesting almost around every corner) so if a celebrity tour is your kind of thing, take a look!

Of course, you could take a look at our very own Notting Hill website for a number of interesting tidbits and photos of famous scenes from the area – all from the comfort of your own home, or for preparation for a walk of your own. (And all the information has been up on our website for 10 years now!)

Article: Star Tours…of London? (26th October 2009, The New York Times)

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