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Harry Enfield’s jokes stolen

If you’re in the Notting Hill area anytime soon, and spot some jokes just sort of lying around, be aware – they may belong to Harry Enfield. And he’d like them back.

A laptop belonging to comedian Harry Enfield, containing material for his show with fellow comic Paul Whitehouse, was recently stolen from a car in Notting Hill.

The thieves subsequently contacted Enfield and demanded a ransom of £750 to return the computer. That’s a rather paltry sum, no? Perhaps the they read the material and decided that’s all it was worth. Thieves can be such harsh critics. Although perhaps we should just assume the material was at a “very early stage” and not yet properly developed.

Enfield has refused to pay the ransom and is instead working with the police. Quite right too. But if you should happen to see the jokes lying around, have a heart and please return them to Mr Enfield. Otherwise, we may not get any more episodes of the stunningly funny Harry & Paul show…

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