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Posh Spice swinging around Notting Hill

I kept seeing photos last week of Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham, of course, but everyone still calls her Posh, so let’s stick with that) on a giant swing, suspended over the front steps of a fancy looking house for a fashion shoot for her own design label. (I think! My eyes sort of glazed over at the mention of “Victoria Beckham” and “fashion label” in the same sentence.)

Anyway, turns out that Mrs Posh and the models in the fashion shoot were swinging out over the front porches of houses in Notting Hill.

Which got me to thinking…not about Notting Hill and its nice houses…but about swings! Wouldn’t it be great if we all had these giant swings at the main entrance to our flats and houses? Though the distraction they would probably make it quite difficult to go to work…or go out to the supermarket…or do anything, really…

Article: Victoria Beckham frocks into town and show’s she’s a swinger (24th July 2009, The Evening Standard)

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