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Very early start for 2009 Notting Hill Carnival

As reported previously, this year’s Notting Hill Carnival – just over three weeks away – will have earlier start and finish times than usual, to try and avoid the street trouble that marred the end of last year’s event.

The Carnival parade will now start at the rather eye-wateringly early time of 9am to ensure that it finishes by 6.30pm. This is all in the hope that crowds will have dispersed by nightfall, and so no trouble can occur.

Whilst it’s of course a good idea to try and prevent the violence which unfortunately sometimes happens at this great London even, I’m not entirely sure a 9am start will be welcomed by many revellers. Don’t forget, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend (i.e. the Monday is a public holiday in the UK), so I can’t imagine that many people will be around that early!

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