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Women in Motion by Julia Rambaud

Photography exhibition “Women in Motion” by Julia Rambaud

Notting Hill-based photographer Julia Rambaud will be presenting her latest exhibition “Women in Motion” at 22 Davies Street in Mayfair from 9th May 2024.

Women in Motion by Julia Rambaud

The exhibition’s focus highlights the resilience and autonomy of women. Utilizing the vintage charm of an old film camera, Julia seeks to encapsulate their expressions of liberation through dynamic movements. These gestures serve as symbols of the inherent freedom and strength they possess. By employing black and white photography, her aim is to intensify the resonance of these images, inviting viewers to delve deeply into the enduring significance of each captured moment. The exhibition will feature striking large framed prints, each meticulously crafted as limited editions of 25.

Photographer Julia Rambaud

The opening night of “Women in Motion” will take place at 6pm on 9th of May 2024. Thereafter, the gallery will be open 12pm – 6pm daily until the 15th May 2024, with Julia available for assistance. 

Women in Motion by Julia Rambaud
9th – 15th May 2024
22 Davies Street

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