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Niko Koronis

Niko Koronis exhibition Metamorph at Ladbroke Hall from 29th June

Running from 29th June through to 24th September 2023, new arts venue Ladbroke Hall will be hosting an exhibition of key works by Greek architect and designer Niko Koronis titled Metamorph. The exhibition focuses on the material exploration of Belgian black marble; each item in the exhibition invites viewers to engage with its surface to examine the interplay between polished and untreated marble.

Niko’s experimental approach to sculpture sees him continuing to blur the boundaries between nature and artifice, material and form, rigidity and play. He condenses the principles of classical architecture into timeless objects, deeply considering proportion, exploring positive and negative space, and striking a fine balance between the strong curves of his designs contrasted against their rigid linearity. This exhibition in particular merges his mastery of the material with his profound understanding of space, utility and design. The purity of each piece masks the technical proficiency necessary to achieve its flawless surface; through manipulation of this unique Belgium black stone, the artist invites viewers to explore the intrinsic relationship between light and shadow, revealing hidden layers and unexpected details.

Three of the key pieces in the exhibition are LLK (Floor Lamp), 2022, The Pit (Dining Table), 2019 and CCH (Low Side Table), 2022, all shown here. LLK (Floor Lamp) is monolithic in design and invites you to approach its intriguing form. The qualities of its Belgian black marble construction embrace Niko’s desired crescent-shaped form, with the surprising nature of the stone enhancing the curvature of this nearly two-metre artwork.

Niko Koronis Floor Lamp
Image courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery, photography by Benjamin Baccarani and Nicky

The PIT (Dining Table) is carved from a single piece of rare Belgian black marble yet it maintains its elegancy through subtle curves and gentle movement. The nature of its carving presents the viewer with the illusion of bending marble, as though the surface of the desk has been gently fanned, like a deck of cards.

The CCH (Low Side Table), 2022 speaks the same visual and rational language as its accompanying artworks. This piece presents the game of reflection played between two intersecting forms, revealing mesmeric reflections of its viewer, and the space within which it is situated.

About Niko Koronis

Niko graduated from the Welsh School of Architecture, completing a Master’s in Environmental Design of Buildings a year later. Upon moving to Milan, he obtained a Master’s in Design with distinction at Domus Academy, then spending a year as the Master’s Design Tutor. After moving to London, Niko received his PhD in Architecture from the Architectural Association. As well as his studies, Niko has been a Fellow at Central Saint Martins in London and a researcher at the Alvar Aalto Foundation in Helsinki.

He has taught, lectured and undertaken research in architecture, urban and product design in numerous universities throughout the world and has taken part in several exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale and the Triennale di Milano. Niko lives
and works in Milan.

Ladbroke Hall is an expansive Notting Hill arts hub from Carpenters Workshop Gallery, founded by Julien Lombrail and Loic Le Gaillard, who first opened a gallery in a former carpenter’s workshop in Mayfair. Carpenters Workshop Gallery has proven its deserved place as a leading pioneer in the world of high art and design, expanding to operate four galleries worldwide, situated in the key locations of London, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles.

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