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Leiths Portobello Global Gourmet

Sign up for Leiths Portobello Global Gourmet classes and learn how to create show-stopping dishes from around the world

Leiths School of Food and Wine returns to its Notting Hill roots (where they were first located upon opening in 1975) with a pop-up cookery school – Leiths Portobello – that will be teaching keen cookery students a range of exciting classes! It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to brush up or improve on their culinary skills at a venue that brings together over 35 years’ worth of teaching experience, and is the ‘little sister’ of the first-class, world-renowned training school for chefs and cooks.

Leiths Portobello Global Gourmet

Rather fittingly given the multi-cultural and rather foodie surroundings of the local area, this first set of classes at Leiths Portobello is The Global Gourmet – an exclusive tour of some of the current culinary hotspots of the world. These include the exotic flavours of Southern and Central Asia; the heady scents and spices of North Africa and the Middle East; the cures and preserves of Northern Europe; and the zingy Latin flavours of South America.

The Global Gourmet will offer the ultimate culinary experience and teach students how to create show-stopping dishes, using authentic recipes and techniques – whilst also showcasing kitchen skills and culinary innovation – in each of the five-part evening courses. With classes taught in small groups of no more than ten people, you’ll also be sure to get plenty of attention and guidance. Aimed at enthusiastic cooks who are keen on entertaining and who have some experience cooking at home, we’re sure that you’ll be a real global aficionado by the end!

Leiths Portobello Global Gourmet Leiths Portobello Global Gourmet


Camilla Schneideman, Managing Director of Leiths says:

“Leiths Portobello was acquired to run commercial cooking projects but it quickly became clear to us that it would be a wonderful environment to teach an intimate cookery class. We’ve enjoyed creating a programme of courses to suit both the urban space and the inquisitive, food loving people of the area.”

The next Global Gourmet class – Beginning in Brisbane – runs every Wednesday from 26th February to 26th March (6.45pm – 9.30pm) and costs £895.

Landing in Lima will then follow, also taking place on Wednesdays (6.45pm – 9.30pm) from 23rd April to 21st May, priced at £895.

Leiths Portobello Global Gourmet

To book any of these courses – or to check out the other exciting classes available at Leiths Portobello, please see

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