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Thumbs Up for Tom’s Deli

The Dallas Morning News had a write-up over the weekend about Tom’s Deli, Tom Conran’s famous cafe and delicatessen on Westbourne Grove.

Claiming – rather dramatically! – that Tom’s Deli serves “one of the best breakfasts…in England” it goes on to state that the eggs Benedict are “to die for”. (They’re certainly good – I can attest – but I wouldn’t go that far, if I’m honest!)

The article warns of long queues due to the popularity of the place; I’m sure the weekends must see it rammed full, so try to avoid going then but otherwise you shouldn’t really have a problem. It also praises the food served in the deli, which is certainly delicious to the eye let alone the palate – if you’re ever passing by, you’ll see what I mean.

Finally, the coffee served at Tom’s Deli also gets praise – according to the author, it “is some of the best hot, black, steaming, flavorful, delicious coffee…I’ve ever had”.

Article: In Tom’s Deli in London, breakfast is king (18th October 2009, The Dallas Morning News)

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