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Guttersnipe by Ronnie Rainbow – the true story of a young Portobello Market worker during WWII

Those interested in the history of Notting Hill and its wonderful Portobello Market may be very interested to hear about a book covering the real life experiences of a young boy who worked at the vegetable market during World War II, and his eventful life post-evacuation.

Guttersnipe tells the story of Jack Dawkins, a streetwise 13-year-old growing up in London during the Blitz. Evacuated to Cornwall, he manages to escape the clutches of his exploitative foster parents and make his own way back to Portobello Market. The book’s synopsis continues:

…he finds himself involved in a German spy ring he knows just what to do to save himself and his country. What Jack is not prepared for, however is the duplicity of the British Establishment who in wartime, it seems, will do anything- anything- to make sure that state secrets stay secret…

The Kindle edition of the book is available FREE until Sunday 22nd January – do download a copy for a great read! For more on the book and to download a copy, please see

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