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Exhibition: Reflections By Valentina Vicario and Marica Siljic

In April this year, the exhibition Reflections will be held at St Thomas’ CE Primary School in North Kensington, displaying the results of artistic work between artists Valentina Vicario and Marica Siljic and the school itself. This collaboration includes the school community led art project Landscapes – an art patchwork quilt – as well as another quilt, The Grove, that was inspired by the school’s logo. Both of these art quilts were a collaborative work between the school St Thomas’ School community and artist Valentina Vicario.


Valentina Vicario will also be presenting paintings and prints from her Reflections of the Soul series, which explore feminine symbolism and its modern healing applications, taking the view on a journey through the use of mixed media.

Marica Siljic will be showcasing her beautifully unique jewellery which features an assortment of stones, crystals and pearls, with each piece lovingly made to promote emotional growth and healing. In addition to this, she will also be testing her concept for teaching anatomy and science to small children through the means of play and by using animal toys as an educational tool.

Ms Vicario is a London based Artist from Barcelona and Buenos Aires with a vibrant multidisciplinary practice. Symbolic Art and Expressionism have been grounding genres lending themselves to the development of her idea that Art connects us with the collective subconscious and affects us to expose our inner emotional life. Through the use of intense colour and natural form modern urban life can be transformed into a slightly more natural state of being, teasing inner battles to the surface and allowing a much needed self confrontation in a gentle way.

Ms Siljic is a London based artist with a background in visual communication. Her Jewellery pieces explore ancient symbolism of colour and the power of natural materials in the process of healing.

The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the collaboration between these artists and the school, and the benefits of it to the community who created and enjoy it. The artists also hope to generate interest in other large-scale community art projects for educational and healthcare settings.

4pm – 7.30pm, Thursday 11th April 2013
4pm – 7.30pm, Friday 12th April 2013

2.30pm – 5pm, Saturday 13th April 2013
St Thomas’ CE Primary School
Appleford Road
North Kensington
W10 5EF

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