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Cygnets Art School

Cygnets Art School for Kids arrives in Notting Hill

Cygnets Art School is an established art school for children that has just arrived in Notting Hill.

Teaching fine art to kids aged 5 and over, Cygnets is a business founded in 2012 by Chelsea College of Art graduate Tabitha Booth and her husband James Heslip. The pair’s excellent skills and knowledge base have seen them open dozens of new branches in recent years, with more expected all over the UK in the future.

Cygnets Art School

Rania and Simon are the talented pair bringing this franchise business to Notting Hill. They have very sizeable ambitions for the local area:

Over the next 12 months we have initial expectations of helping a select 100 children to enjoy their art more. It’s going to be a whirlwind year, and hugely exciting for the lucky students who’ll get to experience the Cygnets methods for the first time.

Rania & Simon, franchise owners of Cygnets Notting Hill

The work produced by the budding artists at Cygnets Art School is astonishing – especially for students so young. Replicating a beautiful landscape, or depicting the details of a human face is no challenge for the school’s students! Just take a look below at some examples of the art school’s students’ work – I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s quite something!

Do also look on the Cygnets Art School website to see some of the amazing work produced by the children – rainbow chameleons, stoic tribal faces, delicate dandelions, hurried hares and proud peacocks practically pouncing from the page; the range of techniques on display is remarkable. And the excellent teaching provided at the popular school is certainly in need, with art arguably “under-taught” in UK schools.

We teach using a unique, step-by-step method that allows even the youngest students to pick up some of the toughest techniques. That’s how we help students achieve more than they‘d ever expected of themselves.

Our mission is to have a branch of Cygnets in every area of the UK; to give confidence and inspire those who may not have considered themselves capable before. We can’t wait to get started and get out and begin meeting the local students, and truly WOW them with their results.

Rania & Simon, franchise owners of Cygnets Notting Hill
Rania and Simon, Cygnets Art School
Rania and Simon

Creativity plays such an enormous part in the development of children’s brains, and the more that art is sidelined in schools, the more important it is that companies such as Cygnets exist to keep that creativity alive. There’s a whole host of benefits children get from stimulating their creativity in these sessions” she continues. “It aids mental health, promotes imaginative thinking, and develops fine motor control. Plus, above all – it’s super fun.

Tabitha Booth, Cygnets Art School Founder

Classes take place at Notting Hill Methodist Church (240 Lancaster Road, W11 4AH) on Fridays after school and on Saturday mornings for 5 to 12-year-olds, and on Sunday mornings for 9 to 13-year-olds. There is also a Half Term Workshop taking place from 25th to 27th October 2023 for children aged 5 to 13 years old; two workshops are run per day and children can attend one, two or all of them!

Classes and workshops for Cygnets Notting Hill (or any other location) can be booked via the website, or you can also contact Rania on 07826 053989 for more information.

Cygnets Art School

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