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Chakra Cleanse and Reset by HypnoSound at Notting Hill Tabernacle

On Saturday 10th July, from 7pm to 8pm, HypnoSound will be running a Chakra cleanse and reset at the Notting Hill Tabernacle. The deeply immersive, full-body experience will use sound to create a therapeutic effect on the mind and body, focusing on the use of repetitive sounds, ambient soundscapes, binaural beats, Tibetan bowls and other ethereal instruments, all played at different frequencies. 

HypnoSound Soundbath

The sound vibrations used during the experience will stimulate alpha and theta brain waves. These prompt a meditative state in the brain, bringing balance to your chakra. The combination of voice and sound creates a deeply relaxing acoustic experience which is down to the powerful healing qualities of Hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion. But HypnoSound is different to other soundbaths – they focus on combining hypnotherapy and sound healing to create a unique and powerful hybrid.

Abigail Larter-ElSayed and James Larter are the joint founders and brother and sister team behind HypnoSound. After their most recent event, a highly successful initial pop up at the Notting Hill Tabernacle, they said:

“The feedback we had from our first session was amazing. The sprung floor in the venue was literally vibrating from the powerful sound energy. The combination of this and the hypnotherapy made everyone feel deeply relaxed, lighter, clearer and more focused. We look forward to repeating this remarkable experience to many more people in the future”.

Abigail Larter-ElSayed and James Larter

The session is on 10th July, from 7pm until 8pm. Tickets cost £25 and can be purchased at

Take a look at Hypnosound on Instagram page for more details.

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