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Amathus Drinks Notting Hill

Welcome to Amathus Drinks Notting Hill

For all your drinks needs, be sure to pop into Amathus Drinks Notting Hill on Westbourne Grove! Established in 1978, the company proudly supplies its customers with a comprehensive selection of wines, spirits and beers, all of which have been expertly sourced from all around the world.

Amathus Drinks has grown significantly in its five decades, and is now delighted to offer eight retail stores London, Bath and Brighton. In addition, the company has recently announced the opening of its newest store on Hampstead High Street which will open its doors on Thursday 9th March 2023.

The company continues to seek unique products to sell on the criteria of provenance, distinction, and most importantly, exceptional quality and it prides itself on its knowledge and exclusive wine and spirits portfolio.

Amathus Drinks Notting Hill
Amathus Drinks Notting Hill

Amathus Drinks Notting Hill

The Notting Hill location of Amathus Drinks opened in 2021, and the store has an extensive variety of premium whisky, tequila, gin, rum, cognac, wine and champagne, as well as a wide selection of rare and fine wines. The highly trained staff are on hand to share their expertise, advise and assist with any drinks questions you may have. The store also has a very handy click and collect service should you be shopping online.

Amathus Drinks Notting Hill is located at 293 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2QA and is open Monday to Thursday 10.30am to 7.30pm; Friday and Saturday 10am to 8pm, and Sunday 11am to 7pm.

Amathus Drinks Notting Hill
Amathus Drinks Notting Hill

Recommendations from Amathus Drinks Notting Hill

If you’re after trying out a new tipple – spirits or wine – here are some very fine recommendations:

Calle 23 Criollo Blanco Tequila, £79.90

Calle 23 tequila is produced in Zapotlanejo from agaves from the Highland region of Jalisco (fields between Arandas and Tepatitlan).

Calle 23 tequila slowly cooks its agaves in stainless steel autoclaves for 7 hours. They then let the temperature drop down for 3 more hours, thereby cooking the heart of the agave and ensuring the outside of the plant is not overcooked or burnt.

Calle 23 Blanco ‘Criollo’ is a limited-edition, innovative, exceptional tequila. In addition to its unique and distinctive profile, it also represents a double announcement for the producer: the nectar was dreamt up and created to celebrate the arrival of her first child. What was originally intended to be shared with friends and family developed into a passion distributed all over the world.

Alipús Mezcal Ancestral Edición Especial, £125        

The Alipús range of Mezcal is owned by the Los Danzantes Destileria, a Mexican distillery that is as passionate about its products as it is about environmental and social sustainability.

Los Danzantes Destileria’s philosophy is to protect and maintain the tradition of the artisanal mezcal production through the preservation of maguey (a plant that is part of the agave family) and the development of the producers and their cultures.     

Alipús Mezcal Ancestral Edición Especial is produced using traditional methods, passed down from generation to generation, with handmade tools and locally sourced agaves.

Procera Blue Dot Gin, £76.40 

Procera Blue Dot is a fabulous craft gin from Nairobi. Using the lesser-known African (Procera) juniper, that only grows in Kenya and Ethiopia, this truly is a unique bottling. Full of warming spice and intriguing nuttiness.

Michel Couvreur Overaged, £74.50

Michel Couvreur Overaged Malt Whisky is the brand’s flagship product, blending malt spirits distilled in Scotland and, in Michel’s signature style, maturing them in different ex-Sherry casks in his cellars in Burgundy. Though this carries no age statement, the Overaged Malt is matured a minimum 12 years.

The result is a classic sherried whisky, blending a whiff of peat smoke and honey with bags of dried fruit, chocolate and Christmas cake.

Suntory Hibiki Harmony, £72.90

Suntory’s Hibiki Harmony is Japan’s most famous blended whisky. Light, approachable and moreish, it has enticing notes of orange peel and white chocolate. Hibiki Harmony is presented in the brand’s trademark 24-faceted bottle representing the Japanese seasons.

Schiopetto Friulano Collio 2018, £29.50

Schiopetto’s Friulano, from Collio in Friuli, Italy, is one of the flagships of this estate, making some of Italy’s finest whites. This brilliant, aromatic, mineral, old-vine Friulano is regular Tre Bicchieri winner.

Penley Estate Helios Cabernet Sauvignon 2019, £40.50         

The name Penley Estate comes from the amalgamation of two pioneering South Australian wine families, the Penfold’s and Tolley’s. And born of a dream of three siblings in 1988. Today the estate is owned by sisters Ang & Bec Tolley, and like their ancestors they are strong, resilient and determined women.           
The Helios Cabernet Sauvignon is a world-class wine with a complex and dense nose full of dark fruits, blackcurrants and black olive. The palate is succulent and juicy, driven by a core of structural and balanced tannins. With a touch of bay and salty liquorice, it is a wine of incredible richness and complexity.

Ruinart Blac de Blancs Second Skin Brut Champagne, £78   

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Second Skin is the classic, pure Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs from the oldest Champagne house, repackaged in an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional gift boxes. The bottled-shaped paper, ‘second skin’ case is fully recyclable and one-ninth the weight of its previous gift boxes, yet just as readily presentable as before.

Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-Du-Pape Rouge 2020, £89.95   

The biodynamic Château de Beaucastel is one of the greatest estates of Châteauneuf-Du-Pape, known widely for the unusually high proportion of Mourvedre in the blend, which adds richness and colour. This powerful age-worthy red is one of the great classic wines of France.

Amathus Drinks Notting Hill
293 Westbourne Grove, W11 2QA

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