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Volunteers needed for older person’s charity Re-engage

Due to a sharp drop off in volunteer numbers, older person’s charity Re-engage is urgently seeking volunteers amongst Notting Hill residents. During the first four months of 2024, the number of people volunteering for Re-engage fell by nearly two thirds to just 380 people; during the the same period in 2023, the charity had over 1,000 volunteers .

Charity Re-engage

Re-engage seeks to reduce loneliness and isolation amongst those aged 75 and older. One of the ways it does this is through its gentle activity groups that take place at five venues across London. In Notting Hill, Re-engage works with the Notting Hill Genesis Housing Association for the activity group based in the area. But this particular activity group can’t go ahead – with older people already waiting to join – until helpers have been recruited.

“We don’t know why there has been a sudden dearth of volunteers in London but it’s causing us some concern.

Ed Nash, Engagement Team Manager at Charity Re-engage

Our activity groups bring lonely older people together, allowing them to make friends, have a little fun, exercise gently and gives the opportunity to just get out of the house which, sadly, is a rarity for some of them.

We really hope volunteers will come forward to help us run these groups and provide a lifeline for many older people, especially now we have such fantastic venues.”

Ed Nash, Engagement Team Manager at Re-engage

Other activity groups planned by Re-engage are set to take place at Eltham Palace, south London, and in White City, Hampstead and Waltham Forest as well as in Notting Hill.

“I have family but I was feeling isolated until I joined a group which really got me out in the world again. I enjoy the exercise but it’s also great to meet people of a similar age, to have a laugh, a chat and catch-up on things. Just socialising is so important.”  

Janet, 78, who attends one of the charity’s existing activity groups,

If you would like to volunteer for Re-engage you can get in touch via their website – Re-engage – or by calling 0207 240 0630.

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