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Spotlight on: medspa beauty clinic

I popped along to the medspa beauty clinic on Notting Hill Gate recently to check out the stylish and serene spa and find out more about the types of treatments they offer.

Located on the first floor of the premises above Calder Pharmacy, you’re immediately transported away from the hustle and bustle of the busy street below and into a soothing and tranquil reception area. Off this space, there’s a number of different treatment rooms, all very well equipped and calmly decorated, with relaxing music piped into each. They are also all very spacious – there’s honestly nothing more annoying in a spa than being shown to a tiny little room with not enough space to swing a cat, let alone relax and get pampered!


I opted for a one-hour HydraFacial as my treatment, and was looked after the very friendly Alex. The HydraFacial is one of medspa’s signature treatments, involving the use of a machine that helps remove dead skin cells whilst also cleansing and hydrating the new skin, and treating it with serums. Prior to my facial, Alex asked me if I had any specific needs or areas that I was looking to target. I won’t go into the ins and outs of my skin here – but suffice to say, if any of you suffer from that classic problem of an ‘oily t-zone’, I’d highly recommend booking yourself into a HydraFacial pronto!


After thoroughly cleansing my face, Alex set to work with the HydraFacial machine, using it to go over my face twice to cleanse it. The actual sensation is a bit like a small tube being use to delicately extract impurities and dead skin cells away whilst also hydrating at the same time – you feel ‘water’ being spread over your skin. Alex did mention that I should let her know if I felt uncomfortable at any time; the treatment, however, most definitely wasn’t painful in the slightest, and didn’t even fall under the ‘discomfort’ category. I personally quite enjoyed the sensation, feeling that it was really doing its job well!


Following a very soothing and cooling face mask – during which I was also given a head massage – the special HydraFacial machine was once again called into action to deliver a moisturising serum.

Verdict? I was rather excited to look in the mirror, post-treatment, to be greeted with wonderfully clear and practically glowing skin. And the real verdict is what others thought – everyone I came into contact with soon after and the next day (which is when Alex said I’d really see the effects of the facial) did indeed confirm that my skin looked much, much brighter and smoother.

As I mentioned, Alex had asked me prior to my treatment whether I had any particular concerns about my skin that I’d like her to address. medspa do pride themselves on making sure that their facials (and many of their other treatments) target their customer’s particular requirements – whether you’re looking to freshen up your skin, target wrinkles, address dryness or tackle acne or problem pores, there’s definitely something for you at medspa.


They arealso a one-stop shop for all other kinds of beautification too, with body treatments (including a body wrap treatment or lymphatic drainage), massage options (classic, deep tissue, hot stone amongst the choices on the menu), manis and pedis, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, plus waxing and the soprano pain free hair treatment available to ensure that you’re pampered and made over from top to toe!

medspa couldn’t be better located in Notting Hill, but the clinic is a world away from the busy area in which it’s located – I’d highly recommend that you book yourself in for a pampering treatment at this excellent clinic!

medspa beauty clinic
55 – 57 Notting Hill Gate
W11 3JS
020 7034 0156

Disclaimer: medspa invited me to visit their spa and I received the treatment for free. I was not required to write a positive review, and the opinions shown above are entirely my own.

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