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Portobello Acupuncture Project in Notting Hill every Friday and Saturday

Every Friday and Saturday, the Portobello Acupuncture Project’s clinic in The Tabernacle opens its doors to the people of Notting Hill to offer acupuncture in a slightly different and very interesting way.

Founded by Patricia O’Hara (who is also the clinic’s principle practitioner), the Portobello Acupuncture Project offers acupuncture in a “multi-bed” setting. After a quiet consultation with a practitioner, patients are then treated in the large, quiet and comfortable room at the same time as others also receiving treatment. Such a practice is in fact very normal and indeed the authentic way of receiving acupuncture in China and, in this way, the Project is able to reduce their costs and pass on their savings to their patients.
The Project makes obtaining acupuncture even more affordable than that, however. All patients decide what they can afford to pay between £25 and £40 for their treatment, as the clinic not only believes in allowing their patients to have options, but also that their sliding fee scale elicits the simple principle of trust. Those that can afford to pay the full £40 do so, whilst those that need to pay less than this (perhaps because they need longer term treatment) can also do so. A patient’s decision on how much to pay will be respected by their practitioner and no questions will be asked about your decision.
Although acupuncture was considered to be the “people’s medicine” for many thousands of years due to its low cost and being easily obtainable, it is apparent that some alternative healthcare in the UK is becoming increasingly inaccessible to some due to its high cost. The Project not only recognises this and aims to rectify it, but also understands that almost all of us these days juggle many financial responsibilities and obligations.
Founders and lead practitioners Patricia and Juliet are both members of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) which ensures all members have BSc degree level training in Chinese medicine, traditional acupuncture and Western biomedical sciences and are compliant with the BAcC code of safe practice and code of professional conduct.
Portobello Acupuncture Project
11am – 4pm, every Friday and Saturday
The Tabernacle
35 Powis Square (just off Portobello Road)
W11 2AY
Tel: 07939 924726


  • Anonymous
    Posted March 29, 2016 at 4:06 pm

    Hello – is the Portobello Acupuncture Project still up and running please?

  • jacira Pereira
    Posted July 28, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    Hi I would like to do acupuncture to treat severe menopause symptoms.
    Is it possible for me to start at your clinic asap? I heard acupuncture can be helpful. I am not really feeling very well and I do not want to start taking HRT.
    Many thanks

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