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Cinema Lumiere

New book Cinema Lumiere – set in Notting Hill – out on 8th October

Cinema Lumière by Hattie Holden Edmonds hits book shops next month, telling the tale of a fictional cinema that only houses one seat…showing viewers a film of their lives.

Hannah Bailey has sealed her heart against love, she’s resigned herself to a dead-end job and her catastrophic thinking is out of control. In fact, she’s hard pushed to find a single reason for her existence – until the day she stumbles across a tiny cinema with just one seat…

Cinema Lumière doesn’t screen Hollywood blockbusters or even low budget art-house flicks. Instead it shows people films of their lives. But how does the mysterious French owner Victor create such unique biopics and why is he so determined to coax Hannah into that single red velvet seat?

Set in West London’s Portobello, and Paris, Cinema Lumière is a story of love, loss and seeing your life on the big screen.

Cinema Lumiere

About Cinema Lumière, the Huffington Post has said:

“A stunning debut. Made me laugh out loud, cry…and ache with recognition.”

Cinema Lumière is out on 8th October, published by Red Door. It will be available on Amazon, Kindle and at all good book shops.

The author, Hattie Holden Edmonds, was the in-house writer at Comic Relief for three years, working on projects with Richard Curtis, Armando Iannucci and Sacha Baron Cohen, amongst others. Prior to that, Hattie worked as the London correspondent for German pop magazine Bravo. You can find out more about Hattie at

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