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Menopause Workshop

Natural Management of Menopause Workshop at Cloud Twelve, 19th October

Notting Hill’s premier wellness and lifestyle club Cloud Twelve will be hosting a menopause workshop on Thursday 19th October 2023 from 10am to 12pm. Held during Menopause Awareness Month, the workshop is titled “Natural Management of Menopause Workshop” and is being run by Cloud Twelve’s top resident practitioners – founder, naturopath, herbalist & homoeopath Jenya Di Pierro, physiotherapist Sue Mills and hypnotherapist, NLP and life coach Arantxa De Dios.

Natural Management of Menopause Workshop

The workshop will discuss hormonal, emotional and physical techniques to improve this next chapter in life for ladies and ensure it is one of ease. You will learn how to thrive through this stage of your life and also how to harness natural management tools to embrace the change positively.

Jenya Di Pierro will be instructing attendees on how to balance their hormones through a combination of a healthy diet, lifestyle, herbs, supplements and holistic health treatments that will enable them to support the menopause. Physiotherapist Sue Mills will discuss essential steps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body, particularly at a time when women’s bone health and overall physical health are undergoing a time of great change. And Arantxa De Dios will discuss the benefits of EFT in managing emotional and physical symptoms associated with the menopause, helping manage depression, hot flushes, stress, sleep disturbances and more.

Tickets for the workshop cost £15 (or free for Cloud Twelve members) and can be purchased at

Natural Management of Menopause Workshop
10am – 12pm, 19th October 2023
Cloud Twelve Spa & Wellness Clinic
2–5 Colville Mews
W11 2DA

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