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Swab for Margot

Join the ‘Swab for Margot’ campaign at The Tabernacle on 1st February to register as a stem cell donor

Come down to The Tabernacle on Saturday 1st February 2014 to take part in the ‘Swab for Margot’ campaign – to help save Margot Martini’s or a another child’s life.

17-month-old Margot was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of Leukaemia in October 2013, and now requires a stem cell donation from someone with a similar tissue type as hers in order to survive. She underwent an exchange transfusion (new blood) and initially spent ten days in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit on life support upon arriving at the hospital. The consultant haematologist treating Margot at Great Ormond Street Hospital has told her family that he has only seen three such cases in the last ten years.

Swab for Margot

The search for a perfect tissue type match has received support from around the world, including personal pleas from celebrities such as Gary Barlow, Richard Branson, Stephen Fry, David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Dynamo.

The ‘Notting Hill Donor Day’ session is being organised by Team Margot, and is open to all those aged between 18 to 55 and in general good health. It’s very easy to take part and will only take up a few minutes of your time – all you have to do is register your details at the session and then swab your check; team personnel will post your details to Delete Blood Cancer UK and you’ll subsequently be notified if you’re a match. Please do join in, as this could save the life of Margot or someone just like her.

Caroline Portlock of Delete Blood Cancer UK said:

“Many blood cancer patients can only survive if, somewhere in the world, someone with the same tissue characteristics in their blood is willing to donate some stem cells (sometimes called ‘bone marrow’ because they originate and are formed in our bone marrow). That is why every single new donor counts, since it is very rare that two people have almost identical tissue types. The more people that sign up to join the register, the more people can be matched together, and the more lives can be saved”.

You can also register as a stem cell donor online at to receive a swab kit in the post.

On behalf of Margot, her brothers, and her Mum and Dad: Thank you.

Swab for Margot
11am – 4pm, Saturday 1st February 2014
The Tabernacle
34-35 Powis Square
W11 2AY

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