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Flower Power Hits Portobello Road

This September, at J/M Gallery, artist Suzan Tokcan takes us on a fanciful journey down a rabbit hole, to a dazzling world of shimmering imagery inspired by the world of flora. A dreamy cornucopia that celebrates and questions the relationship between truth and fiction.

Flower Power by Suzan Tokcan
Suzan Tokcan
Credit: Melanie Wakeley

Suzan Tokcan is a Turkish woman of mixed heritage, living in the UK since her teenage years. Growing up between London and Istanbul provided Suzan with rich, varied and eclectic creative stimulation. Studying painting and restoration, drawing political cartoons, a chance introduction to photography at university, and working as an interior designer, all allowed her to create her own unique layered visual language. Her unique art form, both appealing and challenging the expected, developed further when she started finding comfort in her garden during the recent pandemic, Suzan began experimenting with photographing flowers.

Employing photomontage, image distortion and painting, Tokcan constructs an exhilarating tension between the hyper-real and mythological landscapes. The ride is simultaneously perplexing and breathtaking. Heavily influenced by Pop Art, Suzan’s flowers are characters. She uses symbols of peace and positivity by posing them against odd and whimsical backgrounds. The intricate details and seeming imperfections of the flowers reflect how nature’s sublime beauty is chaotic, juxtaposing the human hunt for perfect symmetry and design characterised by rationality, control and permanence. The references are often private but open-ended enough for viewers to read their own stories within the pattern and colour. Suzan’s montages employ images of flowers and other beautiful, everyday objects that she has photographed. She draws on unexpected connections and the differences between cultural and personal narratives.

Flower Power is sponsored by DIFOART, an international digital art curation and customised print, furniture and fit out production platform representing a collective of artists creating works for the hospitality and commercial environments.

Available to view at 230 Portobello Road, W11 1LJ, from 21st September until 26th September 2023 – do not miss your chance to delve into the Tokcan’s powerfully flowery fun.

An opening night event will take place on Thursday 21st September 2023. Please contact to register interest.

Flower Power by Suzan Tokcan
21st – 26th September 2023
J/M Gallery
230 Portobello Road
W11 1LJ

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