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We (okay, I) here at The Guide to Notting Hill have been rather busy recently. Not only has there been a re-design (and big update) to make this site to make it easier to use (and to provide more information), I’ve also been beavering away to create an e-book for visitors to the Notting Hill area!

Called A┬áVisitor’s Guide to Notting Hill by a Local, the e-book features listings (and mini-reviews) of a wide variety of establishments in the area – including restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, shops, cinemas, clubs – as well as tips on visiting Notting Hill and what to see, such as Portobello Market; a brief history of the area; trivia, transport and accommodation details; plus sections on Notting Hill for Kids, Notting Hill in an Hour and Notting Hill on a Budget.

A Visitor's Guide to Notting Hill

Watch out for this book!

It’s a great book for visitors to Notting Hill, and provides different and expanded information to what is featured on this website.

The book is available for purchase on and, as well as on,, and It can be downloaded to your Kindle, or to a Kindle app that you may have on your iPhone, iPad or similar.

I hope you enjoy reading the book!

Good news! We’ve had a bit of a redesign round this way – and this is the end result! Gone is the blue colour scheme (which has been used since this website started back in 1999!) and the main site and the blog is now combined into one – as you can see from the front page

All existing pages (and posts!) are still here – don’t worry, you can still find your favourite – and we’ll be adding a great deal more content as time goes on.

If there’s anything you’d like to get featured on this site or if you have any questions or comments to make, please┬ádrop us a line on or in the comments section of any of the pages or posts.

Other than that, thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy the site!

The Notting Hill Blog has an ever-so-slightly different new home! Everything essentially looks and operates exactly the same, and all the old posts, categories and archives have been moved over. It’s really just the URL that’s different: the blog was previously at whilst it’s new address is

The Notting Hill Blog will only be updated at, so please update your bookmarks to read new posts! The other URL still exists and features all the old posts – though in fact it does automatically redirect to this one.
Either way, you still be able to read up on the latest news in Notting Hill and the surrounding area!

Anyone that may have visited the London Notting Hill website or blog last week may have noticed it looking slightly strange…and may also have been warned rather ominously by Google that “this site may harm your computer”.

What actually happened was that a few files within the London Notting Hill website were infected with a virus, and after some rather furious scanning, re-scanning, uploading and re-uploading last Friday – followed by careful monitoring over the weekend – the bad critters are gone and the website and blog are back up and running again…all clean.

I’ve been running various websites for 11 years now, and it’s the first time that this has happened to any of my sites. I apologise for any problems this may have caused anyone, and I stick two fingers up at hackers. (Seriously, get a real job.)

But here’s an amusingly lolcat from I Can Has Cheezburger to calm everyone (i.e. me) down: