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An exhibition of paintings by Brian Whelan, 28th October – 11th November 2010

The Sacred Space Gallery at St John’s Church on Lansdowne Crescent will be featuring the works of artist Brian Whelan later this month.
After training at the Royal Academy of Art in London, Brian Whelan has lived and worked in the East Anglia area for over 20 years. Some suggest that his international travels can explain his strong narrative and distinctive style. But his journey as an artist found its definitive gateway just outside his own door, in the medieval churches and dwellings of East Anglia. For it is the vestiges of an art form that resonate with his Irish Catholic roots, back to a time when there was one church and from it’s painted walls great stories were told.

Whelan’s paintings, like much medieval art, depict a sublime comedy of life’s glories and tragedies in both religious and secular planes. While his painting “The Martyrdom of St. Edmund” permanently hangs in St. Edmundsbury Cathedral and “The Miracle of the Holy House of Walsingham” adorns the entrance hall of a private collector in Norfolk.

More on the artist and his work can be found at the website
An exhibition of paintings by Brian Whelan
28th October – 11th November 2010
(Opening hours 10am – 1pm, or by appointment)

Sacred Space Gallery
St John’s Church
Lansdowne Crescent
W11 2NN
020 8354 7558

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