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The Churchill Arms – Fancyapint 2009 Award Winner

If you’ve ever Googled pretty much any pub in London, you’re sure to have come across a Fancyapint (the extensive online British pub guide) page on it. Well, the website held their 2009 Best London Pub Awards this week, featuring a number of pubs across the city, as selected by both official reviewers and visitors/readers.

Included in the (visitors) list was the fabulous Churchill Arms on Kensington Church Street, W8. If you visit only one pub in Notting Hill, let this be it. An amazing flower display covers the outside of the pub (beautiful in summer), whilst the interior smacks of a proper old-fashioned boozer, with a warming fire that’s usually lit on cold days.

With an excellent selection of drinks, there’s also always been a very good atmosphere whenever I’ve been. (I’d like to suggest that’s down to me, but alas I think not.) Best of all, the pub serves great quality Thai food which is another must-try if you pop in.

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