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we are second life pop-up fashion sale

Second Life Fashion Pop-Up Kilo Sale, Saturday 22nd January

we are. will be returning to Notting Hill this Saturday 22nd January 2022 to host another second life pop-up fashion event at All Saints’ Church on Clydesdale Road.

we are second life pop-up fashion sale

You’ll be able to find high-quality pre-loved fashion for men and women, a perfect opportunity to hunt out big brands at great prices. Snap up second-life designer, vintage, streetwear and sportswear for just £20 a kilo! What can you get for a kilo? You might be able to buy a bundle of jeans and a t-shirt, or four t-shirts, or a dress and a polo shirt. But you don’t have to buy a full kilo – for example, you can buy a 200g t-shirt for just £4.

The pop-up sale will also feature high-end designer or specially upcycled items, which will be priced individually.

As well as offering you the chance to buy big brands for fair prices, buying pre-loved fashion helps save the planet.

we are second life pop-up fashion sale

How does buying pre-loved clothing help save the planet? Well:

  • 10,000 garments go to landfill every 5 minutes 
  • 85% of all clothing ends up in landfill every year – it can be in the ground for up to 200 years
  • Buying pre-loved fashion not only helps save the planet, but it also gives you big brands for fair prices. 
  • 95% of clothing can be recycled or upcycled 
  • By extending the life of a garment by only 9 months it reduces its carbon, water, and our waste footprint by around 20-30%. That’s why Second Life want to rethink and change how people shop their clothing

If everyone bought just one item of clothing second-hand instead of new this year, it would save: 

  • 204 million kilos of clothing waste 
  • 113 billion litres of water 
  • 5.7 billion lbs of CO2 emisions 

And this Saturday’s pop-up sale will help you find some super stylish second-hand clothing items!

The pop-up fashion sale is being hosted by we are., a sustainable, planet-conscious second life fashion pop-up that visits cities all over the UK with incredible trendy finds.

Entry to the sale is £1.50 and you can pre-buy a ticket (which is recommended) at

we are. Second Life Fashion Pop-Up Kilo Sale
10am – 5pm, Saturday 22nd January 2022
All Saints’ Church
Clydesdale Road
W11 1JE 


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