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The Flying Burger Company

Review: The Flying Burger Company

The Guide to Notting Hill recently heard about an intriguing new service – one that’s sure to delight all those of you out there that frequently get a hankering for a burger…but just can’t quite manage to get yourselves out on these cold (and wet) winter nights. (We won’t judge. We’re the same.)

The Flying Burger Company have very recently launched, offering home delivery of burgers, sides, desserts and even drinks to the residents of Notting Hill and a few other nearby areas besides. We recently gave the service a whirl to see what it was all about.

The first thing you notice about a Flying Burger Company delivery – beyond the excessively polite deliveryman – is the packaging. It’s equal parts cute, equal parts fun…and almost too good to open! (I say almost…there are burgers in here, after all.) Everything’s nicely arranged in neat little white boxes with stickers denoting the contents – nothing scribbled with a marker pen here – and divided into two bags of hot and cold items.

The Flying Burger CompanyThe Flying Burger Company

I had opted to try the ‘Wide Blue Yonder’ burger which, as the name suggests, is a blue cheese special. Alongside this fries – of course! – and corn fritters as sides, plus the house sauce as an accompanying extra condiment and Harry Combs Hailstones as dessert.

All of Flying Burger Company’s beef burgers contain patties made from 100% grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef that has been aged for at least 28 days and set in soft and tasty brioche buns. All the beef burgers (there’s also chicken and veggie options) also come with two (count ’em) patties which at first sounds a little excessive and greedy but works out supremely well when you discover that each patty comes relatively thin; you’re getting the juiciness of two beef patties but without having to demolish any monster of a burger that only some food-contest-winning glutton would be able to manage. The blue cheese topping complemented my burger well but didn’t overpower it in the slightest – this would be a great option for those who don’t like their cheese too strong. It also satisfying oozed out the sides when eating, in a messy yet “I’ve done a good job eating my burger” way.

The Flying Burger Company
Unwrapping the contents…okay, yes, I *had* already helped myself to some fries and fritters by this point

The skin-on fries come as a very generously-sized portion, and would easily work for two to share. Well, aside from the fact that they’re ridiculously more-ish, so it turns out to be a case of “he who snoozes, loses” when it comes to sharing these little gems. The corn fritters were unusual but worked very well – small balls that had a crunchy exterior but were soft on the inside, with full pieces of corn. The fritters came with their own tzatziki dip which was a smooth and cooling addition – even after I’d already smothered everything on my plate with the amazing FBC House sauce.

The Flying Burger Company

Oh and, what are the Harry Combs Hailstones (my dessert choice), you may wonder? They’re small buttons of chocolate – of all different sizes – each with a honeycomb filling. I’d say they’re a great ‘light’ dessert option, meaning you can munch on a few after your filling burger and save some for later. Or, I could say that, if the actual reality hadn’t been that I had to plead with someone to take them off me before I consumed them all…

I personally don’t know of any other burger home delivery services of such a good quality, so I’m very pleased by the Flying Burger Company and their options! Their burgers are on par (if not better) than any of the ‘posh’ high street burger options, and you can’t beat the convenience of getting hot burgers and sides delivered straight to your door.

Give them a go today!

Flying Burger Company currently deliver to the postcodes of W6 7, W11 1, W11 2, W11 3, W11 4, W12 8, W14 0 and W14 8, Mondays to Sundays, 6pm to 11pm.

For more on Flying Burger Company and their menu, or to place an order, please see

Disclaimer: The Guide to Notting Hill was provided with a free meal from The Flying Burger Company, but was not required to give a positive review.

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