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Notting Hill featured in the “Only in London” series

Part of Visit London‘s “Only in London” campaign, which provides a list of 171 unique London experiences for visitors (the full list can be seen at the Only in London page), has a number that are based in Notting Hill! The area can be proud – although, in fairness, I do believe that tourists and visitors have managed to make their way to the area in their droves before this list was published…

Notting Hill-based items on the list include:

Number 43 – “Join the party at Notting Hill Carnival, Europe’s largest street carnival”

Number 44 – “Peruse one of the largest weekly antique markets in the world on Portobello Road”

Number 46 – “Find out where Hugh Grant met Julia Roberts in the movie Notting Hill”

Number 149 – “Enjoy the comfort of Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, the city’s oldest functioning cinema”

Pretty standard stuff, really, but all good reasons to pay Notting Hill a visit! I would say that number 46 does sound a little misleading to me, seeing as technically Hugh Grant met Julia Roberts in a fictional-but-based-on-a-real bookstore, and then spilt orange juice on her in the street. Put like that, it doesn’t sound all that exciting, does it?

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