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Pawsitive Cafe

Meet Pawsitive Cafe, the dog-friendly well-being cafe on Westbourne Grove

A fun new addition to the dining scene on Westbourne Grove is Pawsitive Cafe – the place to come along with your four-legged friend for tasty food and beverages, and much more besides, for the both of you!

The dog-friendly cafe offers a playful yet mindful space for both humans and pups alike, with every detail designed to encourage such a mood. The interior has been designed with feng shui in mind for a harmonious environment, whilst the pastel blue and peach walls offer tranquillity and happiness as a form of colour therapy. Positive affirmations adorn mirrors across the space whilst waves, circles and flowing motifs add to the decor. Laptops are encouraged at the cafe with plenty of plug sockets everywhere and cubby holes under seats to stash your bag. (Or dog!)

Pawsitive Cafe

You also can’t help but notice the wonderful outside of the cafe with its hand-painted Dalmatian spots, a tribute to owner Alicia’s beloved dog Domino. (Who can often be found in the cafe!)

Alicia hails from Malaysia and came up with the idea of this unique cafe while studying business at university and struggling with her own mental health. After finding online resources lacking, Alicia started researching different therapies to boost mental health and well-being.

Alicia says:

“My dog is not just my dog. My dog is my happiness, my inspiration, my sanity and my world. Dogs are well known to be great for our mental health, but looking after mental health goes both ways and that’s why I created the cafe because it’s also down to the pet owner to look after the dog and treat the dog.”

Food and Drink

The cafe’s menu offers a fusion of indulgent brunch dishes and traditional Malaysian food, highlighting owner Alicia’s background.

Pick from the amazing Katsu Chicken Club Sandwich, Apam Balik (crispy Malaysian pancake filled with roasted crushed peanut and creamy sweetcorn), Strawberry Cheesecake Fluffy Pancakes, the traditional Malaysian dish Nasi Lemak (coconut steamed rice), egg, anchovies and fried chicken, or the “Burgerdic” – burger patty with toasted muffins, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce.

But what about your furry friend? There’s also a food and drink menu for them! They can enjoy afternoon tea complete with cucumber and egg sandwiches and a mini fruit tart, Puppacinos, organic scrambled eggs, doggy ice cream and “Pupcakes” made with yoghurt and potato cream frosting.

Pawsitive Cafe Food
The amazing food

Fun and events at The Pawsitive Cafe

The cafe’s menu also offers seasonal therapeutic activities for you to order to your table (at a small extra cost) – activities such as painting by numbers or dried flower pressing.

Meanwhile, after polishing off their tasty meal, your pup can enjoy the cafe’s doggy ball pit, swing, or custom-built play area.

Throughout the year, Pawsitive Cafe will be hosting events such as puppy yoga, mindfulness talks and more. Watch out for these!

Pawsitive Cafe
Pawsitive Cafe

Opening hours

Pawsitive Cafe is open every day apart from Monday: 10am to 7.30pm Tuesday to Thursday, and 9am to 10pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Pawsitive Cafe
52 Westbourne Grove
W2 5SH

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