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Makeover for Notting Hill Gate

Last Friday’s edition of the Evening Standard featured on article on an planned much-needed upgrade for Notting Hill Gate. Whilst most of Notting Hill is a varied mix of pretty little streets, beautiful buildings, interesting areas and unusual shops, and is rather vibrant as a whole, Notting Hill Gate is one long, rather ugly drag with far too many coffee shops and estate agents!

Amongst the ideas for regenerating the street are a plan to decrease the number of traffic lanes to make it more cycle-friendly, and creating a square at the junction with Pembridge Road. The entrances to the Underground station, which are currently on both sides of the road, would also be moved so they no longer block the pavement.

Independent shops and businesses would also be encouraged to move to Notting Hill Gate as well – to copy the success of Marylebone and its village area – to make it a more welcoming place rather than merely somewhere to pass through…onto somewhere better!

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