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Who doesn’t like free things? Nobody, that’s who!

If you make an accommodation booking via one of the links on our site (check out our Hotels and Hostels pages – but that link there is also one!) you will be able to get a FREE COPY of our eBook A Visitor’s Guide to Notting Hill by a Local to download. The book is packed with useful information on what to see and do, where to stay, where to eat and drink, how to entertain the kids, travel information and more. It’s your perfect companion for a visit to the area!

If you do make a booking, all you need to do is email us on with the date you made your booking (not the date of your stay) and your booking number. You don’t have to tell us where you’ve booked or how long for…you don’t even need to give us your name, if you don’t want to! We’ll then let you know how to get your free eBook.

If you want to find out more about the book, see here: New book for visitors to Notting Hill. The book is also available for purchase via Amazon (in the U.S., the UK, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Japan).

Happy booking and happy reading!

Note: Only bookings made on via this site will be eligible to get a free eBook.

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