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Bite Me Pizza

Bite Me Pizza now open on Westbourne Grove

New pizza restaurant Bite Me Pizza opened yesterday on Westbourne Grove – bringing you a new concept in pizza making!

Gone are the days when you have to struggle to find your perfect pizza amongst the choices on a menu – no doubt thinking you’ve found something that hits the spot before finding it also contains your one food nemesis…be that olives, onion, anchovies or whatever. Now you can get a pizza crafted exactly as you’d like with all of your favourite toppings! (And none of what you hate!)

Bite Me Pizza
A slightly crazy Ladulina and Don Roberto combination pizza – we asked and they ably made it!

At Bite Me Pizza, you start off with a homemade dough base (made on the premises – which you’ll be able to see!) and tomato sauce, made from 100% of the highest quality Italian tomatoes. Then it’s up to you to choose from over 30 quality toppings, leaving you to mix and match to your heart’s desire to create the ultimate (or perhaps unusual?) pizza. The base (dough + sauce) is £4 and toppings range from £1 to £2 each, so you can also easily spend as little or as much as you like on your creation.

Toppings are divided into three different groups – “meat & fish”, “cheese” and “vegetables” – and you can choose as many or as few from each type with items such as pepperoni, pancetta, organic artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, camembert, feta, gruyere and gorgonzola all available. Toppings as sourced as locally as possible, with many from Britain but none coming from further afield than Europe. Bite Me Pizza say that there’s over 1 trillion possible combinations…phew!

For those that don’t like to make the decisions – and prefer to leave it to the experts – there’s also ten pizza “favourites” that you can choose from. These include the Posh Pizza which features creamy tomato sauce and mozzarella di buffala, bocconcini, prosciutto crudo, rucola, cherry tomatoes, parmesan flakes and truffle oil. For something a little different, why not try the Ladulina – mozzarella, smoked salmon, red onion, capers, cream and dill. An unusual pizza, but one that really works – I can certainly vouch for that!

Bite Me Pizza

Bite Me Pizza

Nothing’s better with a pizza than a cold bottle of beer, and Bite Me Pizza offer a range of London ones – as well as Italian wines, sold by the glass and by the bottle. There’s also salads, soft drinks and juices to choose from, and even desserts. The “chocolate” pizza sure sounds like a interesting concept at first, but you’ll soon find yourself wolfing down slices. (It’s essentially chocolate spread between two light dough-y bases, with a light sprinkling of sugar on top. Bliss.)

One of Bite Me Pizza’s key philosophies is to be as sustainable as possible. A large part of this is down to their very fresh ingredients, which reduces their carbon footprint. The whole restaurant was built to be as eco-friendly as possible; the interior has been designed with reclaimed UK timber and iron, with faux leather as some of the furnishing. Biodegradable cutlery (made from corn starch) is offered alongside recyclable pizza boxes; environmentally friendly cooking methods are employed which sees electric rather than gas ovens being used (which obviously don’t emit CO2 emissions into the air).

Bite Me Pizza
Juice and salad selection
Bite Me Pizza
What veggie toppings would you choose?
Bite Me Pizza
The cheese topping selection

Open from 8am each day (with coffees and pastries in the mornings), Bite Me Pizza is open until 10pm each night except for Fridays and Saturdays when closing time is midnight. The restaurant offers both eat in and take away, with delivery a plan for the near future!

Bite Me Pizza is founded and co-owned by Chris Manessis, a 22-year-old eco friendly pizza-obsessive who grew up in Geneva but now lives in London. His aim is to create a sustainable chain of restaurants that will serve high quality, local and affordable food whilst also interacting with the community and helping those less fortunate.

Open since yesterday (16th June 2014), head down to Westbourne Grove to check out Bite Me Pizza and build your perfect pizza!

Bite Me Pizza
95 Westbourne Grove
W2 4UW
Do also check them out on Twitter

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