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12 of the UK’s 20 most expensive streets in Kensington & Chelsea

House price and property valuation website have released their annual list of the UK’s most expensive streets, organised by region and then collated into one list for the country as a whole. Somewhat surprisingly (I would have thought there would be some expensive addresses somewhere else in the country!), the UK’s top 20 most expensive streets for 2010 is merely a replicated list of London’s priciest streets. Of course, the data is based on prices actually paid for properties taken from the Land Registry with an attempt to calculate current values accordingly; I assume there must be some upmarket streets out there in the UK which simply don’t have a high turnover of owners!

As with the title of this post, 12 of the UK’s top 20 priciest streets are based in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. These streets are located in the SW3, W8 and W14 postcodes – none are in the W11 postcode that encompasses much of Notting Hill!
The Kensington & Chelsea streets featured in the list are:
  • Carlyle Square, SW3 ranked 4th (with an average property value of £5,625,100)
  • Cottesmore Gardens, W8 ranked 5th (£5,503,500)
  • Essex Villas, W8 ranked 7th (£5,121,900)
  • Ilchester Place, W14 ranked 9th (£5,099,300)
  • Victoria Road, W8 ranked 10th (£5,007,300)
  • Chelsea Square, SW3 ranked 12th (£4,913,400)
  • The Vale, SW3 ranked 13th (£4,905,900)
  • Eldon Road, W8 ranked 14th (£4,893,000)
  • Albert Place, W8 ranked 17th (£4,669,400)
  • Thornwood Gardens, W8 ranked 18th (£4,558,800)
  • Upper Phillimore Gardens, W8 ranked 19th (£4,535,900)
  • Douro Place, W8 ranked 20th (£4,510,000)
The most expensive street in London – and therefore the most expensive street in the country – remains Chester Square in SW1, with the average value of a property there reaching £6,596,000.
The full report can be read here:’s Annual Street Rankings 2010 (PDF file)

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